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Michael Epps Utley

Michael holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Tennessee and a Masters from Vanderbilt University. He is the President and Founder of GoEpps. Michael is an online marketing expert with nineteen years of experience and focuses on product development and new relationships for GoEpps. Michael and his wife Tracy are raising four very active boys and live in the neighborhood of East Nashville. Michael serves Stratford STEM High School as a Corporate Partner & Advisory Board Member for the Academy of National Safety and Security Technologies; and serves the AERO Triathlon Club as Board Vice Chairman.

Jeana Medlin

Jeana has a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting and collateral in Finance from the University of Tennessee. Her background has equipped her to integrate business principles and financial accountability into every sphere of life. She feels that marketing is the avenue where her love for business and her love for creativity meet. She is skilled in leading teams and working with people, and her adaptability serves her well in the marketing industry. She is a strong advocate for goat cheese ice cream and anything avocado. She enjoys reading fiction, playing sports, and being outdoors in her spare time.

Serving Clients Across the US


GoEpps is headquartered on Main Street in Nashville, Tennessee on purpose. We created the business here for the abundance of talented people, a pro-growth business climate, and the more favorable cost of living. Nashville is home and we love it. Read more…


Reparteé is a web-based show about business leadership and entrepreneurship. Each episode features two leaders with something in common, such as their industry, and something very much not in common. Reparteé is a joint production of GoEpps, Bullhorn Media, and Bill Seaver. Learn more at ReparteeShow.com…

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