new-website-traffic-go-eppsIf you have a website for your business, you may have asked yourself, “How can I get more qualified leads from my site?" The answer, of course, is to get more good, qualified traffic. Use these ideas (or get some help) to generate more qualified and cost-effective traffic to your website from Google and the other search engines.

google-news-online-marketing-go-eppsGoogle's Matt Cutts shared 50 changes to Google search yesterday. Many of the changes are small but there are a few major categories and takeaways. This follows on the promise two weeks ago that Google would roll out some changes to better penalize "over optimized" sites. This penalization seems to come through favoring a few aspects of pages more.

search-local-business-seo-go-eppsLocal service businesses have the most to gain from local search. Here's why:
  • They have a lot of competitors
  • They don't have nationally recognized brands
  • They don't have internal resources to "do" online marketing
  • They need a steady flow of new customers
  • Our experience is with steady growth of our local service business clients over time. Search engine optimization is a combination of a number of factors. Elements that influence your search placement include keywords, site architecture, in-bound links, and quality content.
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