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Some things stick in our heads for a lifetime. That incessant jingle from a commercial years ago that your brain refuses to release. The logo that you see all over town. That’s effective branding, but how do you capture that kind of clear connection without being obnoxious?

“Brand” is a simple process for developing a memorable brand identity. And for companies not impressed with $100,000 logos, our lean approach might be just the right fit.

About Brand From GoEpps

Make Your Mark

GoEpps’ “Brand” helps companies launch new brands. We start with the end in mind: performance.

Business performance is our end game for a new concept or offering in the market place. We identify how we connect that new offer with deeply and widely held feelings among the target audience. And we think about how that concept is going to play out in paid search, SEO, email, social, and video channels.

Our process is similar to most agencies in that it includes a deep dive into the soul of the brand and an understanding of the current market environment. Where we differ is that we also deliver a plan for how the brand will play out competitively. This piece is critical for making good decisions for supporting the new brand in action. For example, we develop new brands with a deep knowledge of the website platform they will live on so that the platform can serve the needs of the line of business the brand powers.

Get to Know Yourself

Branding seems old-fashioned with today’s increasing focus on digital channels and direct response. But brands are as important as ever; the “one ring to rule them all” when it comes to a multi-channel strategy. Does your brand have legs? Can it stand out with search engines? Is it share-worthy in social media?

Going forward, branding is moving online from print, radio, and other traditional and non-data driven media:

CMO Council reports that by 2018, Internet advertising will be poised to overtake TV as the largest advertising segment. Plus, 28% of marketers have reduced their advertising budget to fund more digital marketing in 2015.

CMO Council also reports spending on branding-oriented online ads will grow more quickly than direct-response spending, and by 2015, 44.4% of online advertising spending will be devoted to branding.

The One Ring to Rule Them All

Included in “Web-Ready Brand Development & Design”

  • Purpose & Goals Definition
  • Brand Character Definition
  • Competitor Brand Review
  • Key Themes & Audience Identification
  • Production Plan & Timeline
  • Creative Direction Planning & Approval
  • Complete Logo & Identity Kit
  • Social Media Branding
  • Email Template Creative
  • Brand & Style Guide Book

Create a New Identity

Great work requires a great team. But you don’t need all those people everyday.

We pull together the “Avengers” of marketers and creative pros to deliver world-class branding tools and identity.

Snapshot (right)
Sample logo design: client’s final selection following exploratory process, four brand concepts, and ten design options.

Effective Branding

View from the Trenches

“It’s really hard to stand out. You have to have a clear, simple idea that connects the benefits of a product or service with the deepest desires of your customers. Today’s consumers and B2B buyers are overwhelmed with noise. They want brands to be more collaborative and make life easier. Brands have to point to experiences.”

– Jeana Medlin, Account Leader at GoEpps

What Our Clients Say

“We needed to go big with a new product line. That meant developing a completely new identity that could work for commercial sales to complement our consumer line. We needed a brand.” – Branding Development Client

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