google-seo-updates-news-online-marketing-go-eppsYour website could be rapidly disappearing from search engines as we speak. Before you start hyperventilating and scanning search result pages for your business, understand that any issues causing the demise of your web presence can be easily resolved. The most recent updates in SEO have unveiled themselves within the past few weeks and they sure are disrupting things. Read on to see how these updates could affect you.

video-views-qualified-leads-go-eppsGoEpps is all about generating qualified leads for its customers, and one way that we do that is through online videos. After we started working with Wright Manufacturing we approached them with the idea of creating videos for the site. They were hesitant at first because of the misconception that manufacturers only do TV-quality commercials.

The-Critical-Importance-of-Testing-300x221 A friendly run-in with a real-life customer prompted a great testimonial. Well, it was great until we realized the testimonial was actually hurting overall website performance. I approached him, eager to hear his impression of the brand. My enthusiasm was matched by his, and we quickly began a dialogue about the quality machines that Wright produces. I asked for an interview, snapped a few pictures, and recorded the whole conversation. I knew that this story would be great on Wright’s website. We put it on the website, in the header for all visitors to see it.