mug-of-tea-706602-mEvery good comedian knows how to work the crowd. It's important to know what works so that a performance isn't a huge flop. Great comedians know how to nurture their audience. This analogy holds true for businesses trying to reach their customers. It's important to know the most effective ways to nurture your audience for businesses too. Don't go on stage without doing your homework.

client-communication-go-epps-300x198Communicating with your clients through email, reports or other documents can be a delicate process. Regardless of their significance or insight, clients don't always have time to sift through the data, charts and terminology. Your clients need you to simplify communication, not complicate it. Plus, assuming that others know all of the terms and details that you know can place your business in a rather precarious situation.

Woca_HardwoodFinishing_OzburnHessey-300x300Way to go Ozburn-Hessey and Pow Pictures! One of GoEpps' clients, Ozburn-Hessey, has produced a new video about their recently completed flooring project at the Country Music Hall of Fame. They partnered with Pow Pictures to create the video.
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