photo-1429051883746-afd9d56fbdafFirst, let’s answer the basic question of “What is marketing automation?” When executed correctly, marketing automation is the use of marketing software that, as the name implies, automates all of your marketing tasks. This software, offered by companies like Hubspot in Nashville, TN, allows your marketing to be more personalized to your customer than other online marketing strategies. This marketing platform from HubSpot helps your company with Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Website, Lead Management, Landing Pages, Calls-to-Action, Email, Analytics, and Marketing Automation. Let’s break down each of these just a little bit.

google-search-online-marketing-go-eppsGoogle's new search algorithm, Hummingbird, was launched this month to some concern. Traditionally, Internet users have typed in simple keywords or keyword phrases. For example, while looking for a local residential painting company, someone might have typed in the words “Nashville painting company.” In recent years, however, Internet users have begun to depend on search results for the majority of their questioning; therefore, more complex searches are being generated. Now, that same individual searches for “compare residential painting companies in Nashville, TN.”

google-news-online-marketing-go-eppsGoogle's Matt Cutts shared 50 changes to Google search yesterday. Many of the changes are small but there are a few major categories and takeaways. This follows on the promise two weeks ago that Google would roll out some changes to better penalize "over optimized" sites. This penalization seems to come through favoring a few aspects of pages more.
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