video-camera-1507516-624x415By now, you probably understand just how important it is to have a video component to your website and digital marketing strategy. We live in a society that expects instant gratification and video is an effective way to deliver that. Not only do we want it instantly, but we now expect to be entertained. Whether video makes us laugh, informs us, or brings out an emotional connection, it is a powerful tool for the web and for your search engine optimization.

photo-1424223022789-26fd8f34bba2Planning is key to making any type of operation run smoothly. Chefs have prep stations and recipes, teachers have a curriculum and schedule, and builders have architects and blueprints. If video is part of your online marketing strategy, your video shoot day needs to involve this same type of planning and organizing. Online video marketing is vital to your overall marketing plan, but just as vital is the planning and organization needed to get the best results.
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