Competitive Threat Analysis & Market Report

You think you have a unique company. But there are so many others out there offering what you offer. Is it luck of the draw? Why do they seem to have better exposure in this new world of online media and search engines? What are they doing that works so much better for them?

With “Rivals,” you can see where you stack up to the competition with great accuracy.

About Rivals From GoEpps

Get Ready to Fight

Who are your top 3-5 competitors? What are they doing online to win the limited pool of customers you both want? Are they investing in paid search advertising? Video? Search engine optimization? What else?

Poking around to guess at what they are doing won’t give you insight into where they are investing. You need a solid data set of what your competitors are doing plus clear, simple language on what that means for your business. “Rivals” gives you that foundation.

This tool compares your digital strategy to three of your top competitors, identifies your best opportunities, and spots the pitfalls to avoid. It also finds missed revenue opportunities, points out areas of wasted effort or dollars, and gives you steps to take toward closing these gaps.

Learn from Your Opponents

“Competitive Threat Analysis & Market Report” positions you for improved ROI through a few simple levers:

Measurement of your website and your competitors’ readiness for exposure in search engines.

Measurement of your website and your competitors’ ability to convert as much traffic as possible into leads or sales.

See the Battle from Above

Included in “Competitive Threat Analysis & Market Report”

  • Site Review vs. Your Top 3 Competitors
  • Competitive Keyword Research & Report
  • Website Content Review
  • Technical SEO Review
  • Analysis of Website Conversion Potential
  • Online Advertising Channels Review
  • Findings & Report Presentation
  • Competitive Search Engine Visibility Report

Go Head to Head

You can have a hunch about who is using each marketing channel well, or you can measure it.

The report tool makes it very clear who is doing what with digital marketing.

Snapshot (right)
Sample report data point: online marketing competence overview comparing industry baseline with client and four competitors.

Competition Measured

View from the Trenches

“How can you plan for growth if you don’t know what you are up against? You have to know your competition, what they are doing better than you, where they are weak, and how you can exploit that weakness with an effective campaign. It’s a battle for the top of the search results page and the competition is fierce.”

– Jeana Medlin, Account Leader at GoEpps

What Our Clients Say

“I knew there was something wrong with our site’s visibility; I just couldn’t figure out how to prove it. We had been doing well a year ago, and now we weren’t getting many calls.  Our site’s redesign seemed to be the issue, but I couldn’t be sure, so I commissioned our Report. It confirmed that our organic system was a mess.” – Competitive Threat Client

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