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Maybe your inbox is stuffed to the gills with newsletters and promotional offers, so much so that you can’t even find the good stuff. Or maybe you’re a fan of the unsubscribe button. Either way, you’re not alone. How does your company rise above the noise with its email newsletters? You want to nurture your customers to the point that when they need a specific service or product, the only possible place for them to turn is you. “Email” solves that exact problem.

“Email” solves that exact problem.

About Email From GoEpps

You’ve Got Mail

GoEpps uses email in different ways depending on your needs. “Email” covers your email channel no matter where you are in your online marketing: from a simple newsletter to automated, in-bound email content and campaign planning.

For companies that are not making use of email at all, we recommend an email newsletter. This approach makes great use of your blog and other content and keeps you in front of your customers so that you stay top of mind. Whether you have a newsletter program in place and need help with content, or if you need a new template and strategies for building an audience, we can help. We test subject lines and content to generate the highest performance possible for your offers.

For companies ready to develop a strong inbound marketing strategy, GoEpps provides marketing campaign automation planning, setup, and management. Marketing automation programs are perfect for identifying large branches in the sales process and moving people into the stage that is the furthest along in the process. Email is a critical tool for getting your website visitors to identify themselves so that you can show them more targeted messages in the future. Please see our service “Marketing Automation Planning & Implementation” for more details.

Lead the Market

Email outperforms other channels:

Econsultancy reports that email marketing ranks as the best channel in terms of return on investment, with 68% of companies rating the channel as “good” or “excellent.”

The DMA reports that email has an average ROI of $38 for each $1 spent, and that one in five companies report an ROI of over 70:1.

Time for New Stationary

Included in “Email Newsletter Content, Design & Management”

      • Email Platform Selection
      • Email List Management & Hosting
      • Email Newsletter Template Creation
      • Email Newsletter Content, Setup & Sending
      • Subject Line & Offer Split Testing
      • Email Performance Metrics & Reports
      • New Brief Email Content
      • Newsletter Content Production
      • Email Marketing Automation

The Original Social Media

Email is still a very powerful tool for sharing. Many marketers call it the original social media since it is such a good tool for generating sharing.

Year after year it is the un-sexy online marketing channel that works hard and hangs in there.

Snapshot (right)
Striking visual of just how powerful email is in a world with many more channels than in the past.

Email Delivers a 38x ROI

View from the Trenches

“Everyone is concerned about how to saturate five social media channels, three search engines, and one video platform, but email is still one of the highest ROI channels. Specifically, companies don’t realize how valuable those email addresses are – especially once they begin to segment them and understand where they are in the sales funnel.”

– Michael Epps Utley, President of GoEpps

What Our Clients Say

“I have been working with the GoEpps team for well over a year on our weekly industry newsletter. My experience is positive week after week with the quality of  work, writing, technical expertise, and service. The team works well together for the best outcomes for their clients.” Email Newsletter Client

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