Google Chrome’s Article Recommendations & Your AMP Pages

The ‘Articles for You’ feature of Google Chrome’s mobile app was just announced as the 4th leading source of referral traffic behind Google search, Facebook, and Twitter. What does this mean for you?

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Optimize for Mobile

Mobile search now claims the majority of total internet searches (nearly 60%). Reflecting the advance of mobile searching, traffic from Chrome’s ‘Articles for You’ grew by 2,100% in 2017 – from 15 million visits per month to 341 million visits per month. If you want your site’s content to be relevant in searches, it needs to be optimized for mobile devices.

Create AMP Pages

One way to increase your content’s ranking in mobile searches and optimize for Chrome’s article recommendations is by publishing AMP versions of your webpages. Accelerated Mobile Pages are easy to implement and are the primary pages highlighted by the Chrome feature (72%).

We highlighted the key points from Search Engine Journal’s article about Chrome’s ‘Articles for You’. Read the full article here.

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