We are Invested in Nashville, Tennessee

GoEpps is headquartered on Clinton Street in Nashville, Tennessee on purpose. We created the business here for the abundance of talented people, a pro-growth business climate, and the more favorable cost of living. Nashville is home and we love it.

Because we love it, giving back to the community is a natural part of the work of GoEpps. We contribute time and money to local programs to improve the lives of youth in our city. Michael serves Stratford STEM High School as a Corporate Partner & Advisory Board Member for the Academy of National Safety and Security Technologies; and serves the AERO Triathlon Club as Board Vice Chairman. We are also sponsors of the East Nashville Little League.

GoEpps has put more than half a million dollars into the East Nashville economy during four years of rapid growth, and we don’t plan to stop anytime soon. Thank you Nashville for letting us be a part of a great song with many performers. And thank you Tennessee for being a great state for creating jobs, investing in people, and making a difference.


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