12 Things to Know for Better SEO [Infographic]

The term “search engine optimization” gets thrown around in marketing circles a lot these days. But what does SEO actually mean? And, more importantly, what does effective SEO marketing look like? It turns out it’s not all about keywords.

For starters, the SEO landscape is dynamic, meaning marketers must adapt to changes in technology, search engine algorithms, and online consumer trends. That said, there are three pillars of search engine optimization that remain integral to any successful marketing strategy: content, site architecture, and off-site optimization.

Online marketers must focus on all three of these areas if they want their brand to reach new customers, keep them engaged, and build trust and loyalty.

All About Influence and Engagement

Your brand’s content, website, and off-site structure must all work together to deliver a seamless, engaging experience for the online user. Keeping customers engaged helps influence their purchasing decisions. This is especially true for the content you produce, as 93% of customers say that relevant content increases their purchase intent.

Of course, few people will read your content if your website is clunky, outdated, and/or broken. If you want to keep your users engaged, make sure your web design is easily navigable across all devices, especially mobile.

Your brand must exist beyond its website, however. These days, you must also maintain a strong social media presence and focus on link building to increase your authority and influence in your industry. Nearly half of all customers base their purchasing decisions on influencers.

Check Out Our SEO Marketing Checklist

Crafting an effective online marketing strategy requires a multi-faceted approach with a focus on customer engagement. There is always more to discover about SEO. For more insights into building better SEO, take a look at our infographic, “12 Things to Know for Better SEO!”



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