As GoEpps’ Project Coordinator, Leah Walton is the driving force behind the company’s efficiency and success. She works with staff and clients to ensure every project progresses smoothly and meets clients’ expectations. If anyone has a question about their work, she ensures they receive a quick answer or solution that fully meets their needs.

Education & Work Experience

Before joining GoEpps, Leah earned a degree in Public Relations with a focus in reporting, as well as two minors in Marketing and Psychology, from Middle Tennessee State University. She chose this unique blend of studies because of her interest in human behavior and interactions. If working in media and marketing, she believes it’s important to know how people think and operate. When you understand why someone does something, it’s easier to form a connection with that person. She has used this education and perspective to support her work today, learning to understand her clients so she can serve them more effectively.

Work & Values

Since GoEpps serves numerous clients in different industries, Leah’s days are typically full of a variety of tasks and projects. She is responsible for creating client websites from beginning to end, ensuring the content and design reflect the client’s brand and voice. She also manages Apogee Metrics, GoEpps’ exclusive data dashboard. With this tool, she helps clients see up-to-date data in a single location, using simplicity and efficiency to keep them happy. Leah also works with the company’s internal projects and marketing efforts to promote the team’s hard work and success.

While working at a call center before joining the team, Leah became frustrated with the limits the company placed on her ability to solve customer problems. As one small part of a large company, she felt that her work didn’t matter to either her employer or the customers she worked with. Once she discovered GoEpps, however, she knew she had found a great place to be. The company’s small size allows her to work closely with clients and the team, giving value to every task she completes. Here, she feels that her work and efforts are never worthless and she knows it’s a great place to be.

No matter who she’s working with, Leah makes availability her priority. She loves being able to help the clients who contact her with questions and needs, something she wasn’t able to do as a call center agent. Instead, she joins her small but mighty team to get things done and deliver results. She knows clients have busy lives, so she appreciates the ability to do whatever she can to make their lives better and bring them peace of mind.

Fun Facts & Personal Preferences

Leah is a fun person both inside and outside of the office. She loves music and dancing and is often creating exciting events that have plenty of both. She is currently planning an event series that combines dance culture with the art scene, using parties and workshops to celebrate the best of both. People bring her joy. She thrives by being around people and having fun in social gatherings. When she can, she also enjoys creating experiences for others to enjoy. Her numerous projects include working on a magazine she published with a friend, as well as running social media and designing websites for small local businesses.

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