Marketing Campaign Planning & Management

You’ve heard all the acronyms being thrown around. SEO, PPC, SEM… You can’t keep it all straight and you already have enough to worry about. You’d like someone to not only handle the performance of your site, but to make it reach the top of the search engine pile. You call it “search engine sorcery.” Because you’ve never really liked acronyms anyway.

“Campaign” cuts through the noise – it’s a service to get your offers in front of your audience – plain and simple.

About Campaign From GoEpps

Campaign to Win

“Marketing Campaign Planning & Management” gives you the confidence that you are investing correctly across various digital channels and adjusting quickly to changes in the marketplace such as the sharp rise in mobile ad performance. Our Planning and Management services costs are included in campaigns we manage.

We start by understanding a few critical things about your business and current online marketing. We develop a business model using your current conversion rates for traffic to leads, traffic to sales, or leads to sales. Then we review the competition in your space for media, high placement in search results, and exposure in video channels. We also assess your internal assets for reaching people through social media and opt-in email.

With all that data in hand we ask for some final numbers: your desired marketing budget and expected results. Then, we produce a Campaign Plan you can circulate within your organization for approval and implementation. Once that plan is approved, we move ahead with the delivery of your online marketing program.

Each week, we provide project updates; and each month, we provide a full performance report. The performance reports include all campaign data and charts and are helpful for keeping everyone in your organization aware of what is happening in each of your online marketing channels.

Get a Game Plan

Online advertising is becoming the preferred method of gaining new customers. Ad dollars are still moving online in a big way with much of the focus on mobile:

CMO Council reports marketers spent $4.4 billion on mobile advertising in the U.S. in 2012. That figure doubled to $8.5 million in 2013; and that figure is projected to quadruple to $31.1 billion by 2017.

CMO Council reports mobile search ads will account for $12.85 billion in ad spending in 2015, over 50% of the search market.

Outflank the Competition

Included in “Marketing Campaign Planning & Management”

  • Assessment of Your Goals & Current Activities
  • An ROI Model of Each Channel
  • Keyword Research to Identify the Best Opportunities
  • Campaign Deployment & Management
  • Weekly Project Reports & Monthly Performance Reports
  • Ongoing Campaign Management & Optimization

A Smarter Plan

Some companies make the mistake of jumping from agency to agency, and the average tenure of a CMO is a horribly short 18 months.

We build campaigns that get smarter each year. That is the definition of partnership for us between GoEpps and our clients.

Snapshot (right)
Sample (non-cumulative) traffic growth for an online marketing campaign using content marketing, paid search advertising, social media channels, and email lead nurture.

Campaign Traffic Growth

View from the Trenches

“We often meet new clients who are very familiar with a few online marketing channels, like SEO and PPC. They don’t have the in-house knowledge to weigh investments in those channels against other ideas like email or video. We have that knowledge and can produce a plan that balances investment to cover a range of channels while putting the most resources where they will generate the greatest ROI.”

– Jason Torrence, Performance Marketing Leader at GoEpps

What Our Clients Say

“I like working with GoEpps because other companies just want to build a website and walk away. You all are in it for the long haul.” – Advertising Campaign Client

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