Sales Funnel Lead Generation & 24/7 Call Center Lead Capture + Handling

You’ve been bringing in some quality sales leads and your business is on the upswing. But you’re starting to wonder how this all happened and how it can be replicated year over year. An organized process sounds better than just fitting in sales strategy when you have the time. Because when do you really have the time?

“Funnel” makes your sales strategy smarter. Whether you are a one-location business serving a state or region or an internationally distributed manufacturer with a dealer and distributor network – “Funnel” brings order to marketing to drive more sales.

About Funnel From GoEpps

How’s Your Timing?

Companies are still wasting half of their advertising. But it’s not like the old days of mass media when half of it went to the wrong audience. These days, it is the half of advertising that goes to the right audience… but at the wrong time!

Whether it’s B2C or B2B, not everyone who searches online for your products and services is ready to buy. Buyers of all kinds are self-educating more now – they are Googling their own way through the sales process. No matter what you are selling, consumers and B2B buyers are getting to know you online first.

So what is the alternative to “traditional” online advertising that goes right for the sale?

The alternative is to market to your sales funnel with some elegance. Your real audience is a living, breathing, dynamic individual – not an average of thousands of clicks and leads. You need to start thinking about that one-to-one connection.

GoEpps’ “Funnel” creates connections with individuals through all stages of the buying process: 1) the Education Stage, 2) the Selection Stage, and, 3) the Conversion Stage. Our approach uses advertising, search engine optimized content, landing pages for email capture, sales lead generation, lead capture, lead nurture, and lead scoring and distribution.

The benefits are that we capture more of the traffic to stay in touch with them regardless of their readiness to buy. And for those in the education stage, we stay in touch until they are ready to become sales leads.
Essentially we take you from thinking about more traffic to get more sales, to making the most of every qualified visitor whether they are in the education or buyer stage.

Divide and Conquer

By dividing your marketing messages to go after two stages, Educators and Purchasers, you can increase the conversion rate of your most valuable traffic and still capture contact information for some of the traffic that is not ready to convert:

Forrester Research reports that organizations using lead nurture can generate more sales-ready leads for 33% lower cost per lead.

Forrester also reports that lead nurture organizations can also produce 50% more leads using a lead nurture approach.

MarketingSherpa reports that businesses using lead nurture experience a 45% increase in Lead Generation ROI compared to those without a nurture program.

Get Their Number

Included in “Sales Funnel Lead Generation
& 24/7 Call Center Lead Capture + Handling”

  • Reduced Fall Off from Click to Sales Lead
  • Paid Search Advertising
  • Search Engine-Optimized Content
  • Landing Pages Development
  • Email Address Capture
  • Toll Free Phone Number Setup
  • Call Recording & Monitoring
  • Sales Lead Generation
  • Sales Lead Tracking & Reporting
  • Salesforce, Hubspot & CRM Integration
  • Email Sales Lead Nurture
  • Social Media Sales Lead Nurture
  • Sales Lead Scoring & Distribution
  • 24/7/365 Call Center Services
  • Multi-Language & Spanish Call Center

Qualified Leads

Lead generation is more than sending traffic to a website and hoping for the best.

It is creating a user experience that attracts qualified traffic and then converting it into leads that can be acted by a sales team.

Snapshot (right)
Sample sales lead generation campaign: cumulative leads generated in the form of a request for a live demonstration of a big-ticket manufactured product.

Cumulative Leads Generated

View from the Trenches

“Having website traffic is good. Having web-generated sales is great. But having an optimized digital marketing sales funnel is a whole different level. We see amazing things happen when we optimize the entire process.”

– Michael Epps Utley, President of GoEpps

What Our Clients Say

“Thanks for all of your skill and hard work. Your campaign has been extremely effective…. In the past year and half we went from very little digital marketing to it becoming a significant part of our budget. The results have been much more than we would have expected.” – Sales Lead Nurture Client

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