Social Media Channel Creation, Content & Moderation

You want a lighthearted way to connect with customers without going so far as Facebook poking them at 3AM. But as it stands, your aunt and a few old friends from college are the only ones seeing your witty quips and relevant business quotes on Twitter. You want followers. You want your phone to be constantly alight with notifications and likes. And ultimately, you want sales.

“Social” gets your business social strategy out of amateur hour and into the realm of intentional, smart social channel management.

About Social From GoEpps

Get Out There and Meet Some People

GoEpps helps companies master the unique channel through a focus on the basics. First, you don’t have to be in all the social media channels. More is definitely not always better with Social. We help clients pick the ones that offer the greatest access to their audience.

We develop a philosophy of social media for each client. We help you draw the connection between your values and voice, and the mode that people are in when on social media platforms. This step helps us keep our clients from coming off as overly commercial and self-serving in an environment that is collaborative and more about community and commerce.

Many companies fall into the trap of treating social media as an option channel for sharing occasional big news. With “Social,” we take a different approach – we help our clients create an editorial schedule that includes those big news items plus insights into your culture, testimonies from happy customers, occasional offers, and content that your audience will value.

The final essential for Social is channel moderation. Active social channels attract interaction with customers. And nothing is worse than dead air with a brand. Social moderation keeps that risk from occurring. GoEpps offers social media services from planning and setup to comprehensive ongoing channel publishing and moderation.

Start Trending

“Social Media Channel Creation, Content & Moderation” is here to stay. Here are some stats:

eMarketer reports that 89% of companies use social media as part of their online marketing programs.

Facebook alone has 1.8 billion users. That is an amazing population that we can target by numerous demographic factors to gain likes and followers.

Make a Platform for Connecting

Included in “Social Media Channel Creation, Content & Moderation”

  • Social Media Channel Planning & Selection
  • Social Content Planning & Publishing
  • Social Media Channel Moderation
  • Social Media Advertising Campaigns
  • Generate Social Followers
  • Generate Likes & Shares
  • Social Media Referral Traffic Generation
  • Performance Reports & Insights

Audience Nurture

Social media is not seen as a good driver of business on its own. But it is a critical part of an overall mix of digital marketing channels.

We use social to stay in front of our audience and to collect input from them. Social audiences build over time when they are cared for and maintained.

Snapshot (right)
Sample growth in social media channels for a campaign to generate sales leads and audiences for ongoing nurture.

Social Audience Creation

View from the Trenches

“Social media is a very frustrating concept for many businesses. It is not always easy to measure the ROI of this channel. But not being there is a huge liability. For many B2C and B2B marketers, Social feels like a huge liability with no upside. But there is a fix for that problem.”

– Jeana Medlin, Account Leader at GoEpps

And I Quote

“Social media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources. Surround yourself with people who not just support you and stay with you, but inform your thinking about ways to WOW your online presence.” – Sean Gardner, Author of “The Road to Social Media Success”

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