Solutions Recommendations, Buying & Implementation

You’re thinking about a new CMS for your website but are simply overwhelmed. Not only is everyone telling you to go to WordPress (which you thought was just for blogging) instead of your old custom-coded site, you’re finding out that there are automation platforms that can host the entire website plus handle email and social. What do you do with this information overload?

“Platforms” gives you help in the form of confident solutions evaluation and recommendations.

About Platforms From GoEpps

Take a Stand

GoEpps helps clients select technology platforms. We have a simple process: take in and weigh your requirements, organize them and confirm them with you, review the technology solutions that fit your most important needs, and report the solution capabilities and your best technology option.

GoEpps’ “Platforms” can help you select solutions for marketing automation, learning management systems, website content management systems, email marketing platforms, social media publishing tools, CRM/CMS/ERP selection, e-commerce platforms, and video production and publishing tools and platforms.

GoEpps can also help you outsource digital marketing activities. Many of our clients have expertise in their industries but lack the in-house strength to fully support them in the wide range of online channels (i.e. SEO, email, social, advertising, and video).

In addition to analyzing the features you need and comparing them to what is available, GoEpps can negotiate contracts on your behalf.

Command the Stage

The newest platforms for online marketing offer some amazing benefits and ROI:

Salesforce reports that companies using marketing automation platforms experience a 53% increase from marketing response to qualified leads.

Email marketing platforms can range from $40 per month to thousands for email platforms with automation capabilities. Knowing what you really need is critical.

Build with the Best Tools

Included in “Solutions Recommendations, Buying & Implementation”

  • Requirements Identification
  • Technology Solutions Evaluation
  • Marketing Automation Platforms
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Website Content Management Systems
  • Email Marketing Platforms
  • Social Media Publishing Tools
  • CRM/CMS/ERP Selection
  • E-commerce Platform Recommendations
  • Video Production & Publishing Tools
  • Software & Platform Selection
  • Implementation Planning

Right Tool for the Job

It is hard to know which online software or solution is going to be the best fit for a need.

As hundreds of tools and apps are available, it can get difficult to see through the noise. And sales team members are not always quick to help you see the gaps in their particular solution.

Snapshot (right)
Some of the popular platforms we evaluate, recommend, and implement for our clients and campaigns.


View from the Trenches

“Digital agencies have found themselves working as consultants to guide companies in choosing marketing technology platforms. There are so many options on the market, it just makes sense to have someone who knows the options help identify the best options more quickly.”

– Michael Epps Utley, President of GoEpps

What Our Clients Say

“Being that our organization is a small non-profit association, we are not able to hire our own web management team member to help us make the best possible decisions for our web platforms. GoEpps has provided us with the appropriate feedback needed to take our organization successfully on the web. They have served as an advisor/consultant to reassure us we are on the right track. This has given us the reassurance that we are doing what is best for our membership.” – Platforms Client

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