Podcasts are a great way to produce a large amount of keyword-rich content for SEO. If you are considering producing a regular podcast for your business, here are some ideas for getting maximum SEO value with some simple planning and forethought.

nashville-online-marketingHere at GoEpps we like to keep up with the latest news in online marketing. In addition to reading up on the latest news articles, we just can not resist a good book on great business practices. And there are so many out there. As a digital marketing agency based in Nashville, TN and serving clients across the US, we want to share some books that have influenced the way we do business.

photo-1429051883746-afd9d56fbdafFirst, let’s answer the basic question of “What is marketing automation?” When executed correctly, marketing automation is the use of marketing software that, as the name implies, automates all of your marketing tasks. This software, offered by companies like Hubspot in Nashville, TN, allows your marketing to be more personalized to your customer than other online marketing strategies. This marketing platform from HubSpot helps your company with Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Website, Lead Management, Landing Pages, Calls-to-Action, Email, Analytics, and Marketing Automation. Let’s break down each of these just a little bit.

marketing-personas-online-marketing-strategy-go-eppsInbound marketing means that you have developed content creation that will naturally attract the right kind of people to buy or use your product or service. Sounds easy enough, right? Except, how do you know who that right kind of person is? In order for your ideal customer to be easily attracted to your content, you need to know who they are, and in detail. That is where marketing personas come into play. Developing a marketing persona for your business is key in order for your digital marketing strategy to be successful. Here are few ways to get started on developing personas for your business from GoEpps:
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