Thank You to Our Friends at National Geographic

GoEpps had its eye out for a new mascot when a team member quoted the narwhal from Elf: “Bye Buddy. Hope you find your dad.” In an instant, we knew we had found our new mascot.

We love the Narwhal. They are unique creatures, social and powerful, and don’t accept life in captivity well. For us they are the perfect symbol of our whimsical but performance-oriented company culture.

Paul Nicklen is one of the today’s most talented wildlife photographers, and he captures images that can only be described as iconic. We discovered his images of narwhals earlier this year and were enthralled. Through a licensing agreement with National Geographic we gained permission to use one of Mr. Nicklen’s images on our website and on the cover of our printed services catalog.

national-geographic-photo-creditWe encourage you to learn more about the powerful work of this very talented man at .

Thank  you for your great work, Paul, and thank you to our new friends at National Geographic.

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