Video Publishing & Channel Search Engine Optimization

You’ve seen the viral videos, the YouTube celebrities. You’ve watched the counter tick upward on your favorite videos. How exactly do these channels increase their audience size? Without using tricks or click-bait tactics, is there a way to reach more people and get more views?

“Views” takes you beyond having video content… It gives you an effective video channel.

About Views From GoEpps

Show Them What You’ve Got

Having video assets is a good start to using video effectively. Next, you need to do the work to publish effectively. Publishing video so that it gets as much attention as possible is called Video SEO. Video SEO includes aspects of how the video is loaded to major video publishing platforms such as YouTube, and can include strategy for what types of video to produce if you are still in the planning phase.

“Views” is GoEpps’ process for making the most of every video in terms of gaining qualified traffic and generating sales leads or sales. If we are brought in before video production (or if we are also completing the production work), we can help you decide which videos to produce first. We use keyword research to understand what terms people are using to find your product or service. We can lay out a plan for you for producing video assets over time to spread out cost or in batches to maximize the value of shooting days.

For making the most of existing, completed videos, we optimize the content that is loaded with the videos to publishing platforms such as YouTube. The people are at YouTube, so it is a great source for new visitor and sales leads. But YouTube depends on the content you load with the video to know exactly what is in each of your videos. Doing this part well makes up a fraction of the cost of producing new videos, but it is just as important a link in the chain as good production to make your videos valuable and generate a positive ROI.

Build a Following

Video SEO is a high-ROI tactic:

Content Marketing Institute reports 76% of B2B companies use video content in their marketing.

Emarketer reports that 93% of marketers used video for online marketing.

YouTube is essentially the world’s second largest search engine.

It’s Not About Luck

Included in “Video Publishing & Channel Search Engine Optimization”

  • Video Channel Strategy
  • Keyword Planning for Video
  • Keyword-Rich Titles
  • Keyword-Rich Tags
  • Conversion & Click-Ready Descriptions
  • Video Transcript Creation & Loading
  • Transcript Embedding as Recommended
  • Creation of Video Playlists
  • Video Sitemap Creation & Loading
  • Website Video Placement Recommendations
  • Reporting of Views, Shares, Comments & Subscribers

Build an Audience

Video is not about going viral. It is about doing the detailed work to show up well and gain traction over time.

Video exposure builds over time with more views and subscribers.

Snapshot (right)
Sample video views in marketing campaign for branding, lead generation, increasing website traffic, and audience nurture using email and social media channels.

Video SEO Increases Views

View from the Trenches

“Ever see a runner celebrate right before the finish line only to be passed at the last instant? That’s what we see companies doing with video in their online marketing efforts. They have a great brand, great offers, and solid production – and at the last second, they forgot to consider how to publish the video effectively. The result is failure.”

– Jason Torrence, Performance Marketing Leader at GoEpps

What Our Clients Say

“GoEpps created our videos with search engines in mind. They helped us with making videos that get thousands of views and produce more sales leads.” – Video SEO Client

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