What is a Branding Agency and What is a Performance Marketing Agency?

branding-agency-marketing-agency-go-eppsThese two types of agencies may sound like they do the same job, but they are very different in many ways. A Branding Agency focuses on one area to help with your marketing. They tend to work with a business to help create an identity, find its place in the market, create logos, etc. A Performance Marketing Agency, such as GoEpps, helps to open and grow marketing channels. We develop and manage marketing campaigns rather than higher level identity work of developing a brand. This can happen through content creation, local SEO services, and other digital marketing strategies.

Here’s a quick list of how these 2 agencies differ.

Branding Agency focuses mainly on the following

  • Logo, brand identity
  • Audience segmentation and profiling
  • Market research
  • Product marketing, research, and customer surveys
  • Strategic market research
  • Go to market partner strategy

Performance Marketing Agency mainly focuses on the following

  • SEO for websites
  • Email marketing, newsletter creation and management
  • Video production
  • Video search engine optimization (Video SEO)
  • Paid search management (PPC)
  • Social media channel management, content, and advertising
  • Online marketing strategy
  • Industry specific marketing campaign management (such as healthcare or manufacturing)
  • Website design and development for performance marketing campaign
  • Website analytics and marketing campaign reports
  • Sales lead generation campaign
  • Sales lead qualification and phone tracking
  • Responsive website design
  • Responsive email design

As a business, you can develop your digital marketing strategy and budget and find the right agency to help you grow your business.

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