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3 Aspects of Quality Content Marketing

posted by Michael Epps Utley Michael Epps Utley
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More and more marketing and sales of manufactured goods is happening online now. Content marketing is much more than simply relying on your distributors to advertise a product.

You have multiple platforms to utilize in hosting your content — Google, Facebook, YouTube.

It’s important to focus on creating quality content which leads your customers back to your site. A great place to start is by understanding how content marketing works.

Here are three important aspects of content marketing:

  1. Purpose:
    Your primary goal through content marketing is to facilitate in helping people understand what you offer. Aim to clearly explain what you offer for your customers and business partners alike. It’s important to sell yourself to both groups.
  2. Format:
    This aspect of content marketing can play a huge role through many different channels. Luckily, you have many different options — web content, blogs, social media, email, videos — when choosing how to format your content. Blogs and media can be shared via multiple channels on their own. You can get a lot of bang for your buck thanks to the wide-range of social media channels available. If you share content on one channel, then make sure to also share that same content on your other channels as well. Also, don’t underestimate the effectiveness of email connections through newsletters. As a general rule of thumb, generate your newsletters with 80% helpful information and 20% promotional material. Any format you choose should point back to quality content.
  3. Strategy:
    If online marketing feels overwhelming for you, then start with the simple idea of keywords. First, understand your top ten big keywords. Second, develop content around these important keywords. Sounds simple enough right? You don’t need to take an analytical approach to developing a strong strategy for content marketing. Developing quality content will pay dividends on its own.

Don’t feel out of the loop just because you may not fully understand the ins and outs of online marketing. Start with the basic idea of building quality content to draw in your customers and business partners. Utilize the vast amount of channels you have available to funnel your quality content to the right people. Content marketing is so much more than simply promoting a product. Understanding the purpose, format, and strategy of your content marketing campaign will help you effectively reach the most people.

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