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Email Newsletter Creation & Management

Email is the connective tissue of the internet. It is your “business card” in the Rolodex of everyone who connects with you: your customers, your followers, and even your own staff.

Goepps email newsletter planning

We deliver email newsletter programs that use your best content to maintain a relationship with your opt-in audiences.

These emails are not focused just on promoting offers but on giving content that adds value to your audience. John Lennon said, “put your message on the backbeat.”

In email newsletters, we focus on content that gives value and places your message on the backbeat.


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What Our Email Marketing Program Includes

  • Template design and planning.
  • Content planning, staging, approval handling, and scheduling.
  • Newsletter creation and publishing.
  • List hosting and management using popular tools or your accounts.
  • Split testing where audience size and content merit testing.

Getting Started

To get started, reach out to us to discuss your program and what you want to accomplish. We will provide you with budget options and a plan for going live with your program.


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