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Social Media Advertising

Social media channels offer a wide variety of tools for reaching your audience. Each major channel is unique in its primary audience, unique demographic and other targeting tools, and pricing models. We can help you take the idea of gaining more customers through social media and turn it into a plan. And that plan will be complete with channel selection, an ROI model for your offer and acquisition costs, and a plan for going live with your campaign.

Goepps social media advertising

With your plan set, we will deliver and manage your entire campaign.


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Our Social Media Program Includes

  • Social media channel selection.
  • A review of your “offer” for effective ad creative planning.
  • Campaign demographic target planning.
  • Landing page planning and creation.
  • Ad launch and management
  • Analytics and reporting dashboard.

Getting Started

To get started, reach out to us to discuss your program and what you want to accomplish. We will provide you with budget options and a plan for going live with your campaign.


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