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Marketing Strategy & Planning

Website architecture planning sets a course for having an excellent online presence.

  • Advertising channel selection and ROI modeling.
  • Analytics, search index integration, and reporting integration.
  • Ecommerce, live chat, and special tools integration planning.
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Inbound Content Marketing

Ebooks, white papers, infographics, blog posts, webinars, and podcasts are the raw material for a robust content marketing engine. We produce all of these items for our clients.

  • Keyword research and topic planning.
  • Content production and publishing.
  • Editorial schedule management and publishing.
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Search Engine Optimization

GoEpps takes a broad approach, including technical SEO website improvements, keyword research and optimizations, new content, and “maps and apps” directory listings management.

  • New pages of blog and other content each month.
  • Optimization of existing pages each month.
  • Ongoing directories and listings management each month.
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Search Engine Advertising

Search engine advertising is the best way to connect with buyers who have high intent and immediate need for your products and services. When people do a search in search engines, they are typically seeking a solution to a specific problem.

  • Demographic targeting to reduce non-converting clicks.
  • Keyword research to find the best opportunities to reach your audience.
  • Ad campaign planning to attract high-intent clicks.
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Video Content Marketing

Video content is awesome. It gives you the ability to move a lot of information to someone quickly. We really like how it helps the conversion rate for websites and landing pages.

  • Production, editing, and publishing.
  • Transcription, loading to YouTube, and optimization for search engines.
  • Analytics reporting and program optimization.
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Video Channel Advertising

Video content is very popular online, and people are in a mode of “discovery” when taking in video content. Video ads that complement this do very well and are the perfect tool for introducing your brand to new people.

  • Demographic target planning.
  • Landing page planning and creative.
  • Campaign launch, management, optimization, and reporting.
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Social Media Content

Many companies fall into the trap of treating social media as an option channel for sharing occasional big news. We take a different approach – we help our clients create an editorial schedule that includes those big news items plus content your audience will value.

  • Hashtagging strategy and creation.
  • Content graphic design or image creative.
  • Channel moderation of incoming alerts for customer service.
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Social Media Advertising

Social media channels offer a wide variety of tools for reaching your audience. Each major channel is unique in its primary audience, unique demographic and other targeting tools, and pricing models.

  • Social media channel selection.
  • Campaign demographic target planning.
  • Landing page planning and creation.
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Social Audience Growth

Social Audience Growth is the perfect add-on to a social content program. It boosts selected top-performing posts to make them even more valuable. Our strategic boosting of posts gets more of the world’s eyes on you.

  • Boost budget planning and scheduling.
  • Campaign planning, management, and optimization.
  • A reports dashboard and regular reports.
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Website Design & Development

We make websites from simple lead generating sites to robust ecommerce platforms. We include hosting, backups, and maintenance, so you have a worry-free end result.

  • Complete design and development of your new website.
  • Not template-based - a new and original design.
  • Access to your content management system to edit website content.
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Website Visitor Ad Retargeting

Website visitor retargeting is one of the most cost-effective tools advertisers can use to attract new business. Every time someone visits your website, they become part of your audience, and you can advertise to that audience on other websites.

  • Ad platform selection.
  • Website coding to allow your visitors to see your ads on other websites.
  • All ad creative and design.
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Reputation Management

A steady flow of reviews on Google and other platforms is the lifeblood of building your brand online. Whether you are a national network of 100+ locations or one regional service provider, we can help you manage the ongoing workload to gain new reviews from your best customers.

  • Reviews platform monitoring and moderation.
  • Fake review monitoring and resolution with Google.
  • Rapid customer service request forwarding.
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Analytics Dashboards

Finally, all of your online marketing metrics are in one place. Apogee Metrics, from GoEpps, is your marketing dashboard for all of your online marketing in one login. Your branded dashboard will show your metrics from a variety of sources and allow you to adjust the time range to easily analyze your data.

  • Single login to see all your main metrics.
  • Safe, simple, and secure.
  • Dynamic and web-based.
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Podcast Network Advertising

There are two million active podcasts serving every conceivable audience and interest and delivering more than $1B in advertising messages. If you have used radio or other rich media placements in the past, your audience is moving to podcasts.

  • Podcast selection and demographic targeting.
  • Creative planning and ad development.
  • Planning of all placements.
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Email Newsletter Creation & Management

Email is the connective tissue of the internet. It is your “business card” in the Rolodex of everyone who connects with you: your customers, your followers, and even your own staff.

  • Template design and planning.
  • Content planning, staging, approval handling, and scheduling.
  • List hosting and management using popular tools or your accounts.
  • Split testing where audience size and content merit testing.

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