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Marketing Strategy & Planning

Planning is critical, and we plan well. Our planning services include, however not limited to, working with you to choose the best marketing channels, understanding your consumer persona(s), and planning website architecture, be that B2B or B2C.

Goepps marketing planning

Marketing channel selection is our service to identify and model the best opportunities for your budget and business. We can guide you in where to invest in advertising, overall online presence management, and content marketing.

Website architecture planning sets a course for having an excellent online presence. Your website is not only what you see, but the backend and the supporting tools that go into making it fast and effective. Think of your website as the outside of the airplane and the content management system as the cockpit - it’s where the action happens to drive results.

We select content management systems and website tools based on the needs of your project. Your site may need to inform people or have other features like ecommerce. We can guide you to select the technologies you need and avoid the ones that don’t work together.


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What Marketing Strategy & Planning Includes

Advertising channel selection and ROI modeling where needed.

  • Identifying your consumer persona(s) through research website project intake and needs assessment.
  • Content management selection and recommendations.
  • Analytics, search index integration, and reporting tools integration planning.
  • Ecommerce, live chat, and special tools integration planning.
  • Font, stock image, shipping integration, and captcha planning.
  • Licensing, hosting, backups, and maintenance planning.

What Planning Do You Need Help Completing?

Let’s talk about your project. To get started, reach out to us to discuss what help you need scoped and project planned.