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7 Ideas to Improve Marketing as You Wait Out COVID-19

posted by Michael Epps Utley Michael Epps Utley
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) has turned the world upside down in many ways. Many companies are temporarily closed, and employees laid off or furloughed. And even for companies who have a continuity plan, there are new challenges to overcome every day.

But as a company owner or marketing team leader, your work is never done. You can still improve your marketing plan while you wait out COVID-19.


#1: Get a Clear Understanding of Your Search Performance

When you’re busy doing business, your marketing performance metrics can sometimes fall by the wayside. This is the perfect time to do a deep dive and figure out how (or if) the world sees your business online. Start by Googling yourself, your services, and your location using essential keywords. Are you at the top of the list? Are you on page one? What you discover from simple Google searches will give you a clearer idea of how your organic search and paid search campaigns are performing.

#2: Do the Same for Social

Next, do the same for your social media channels. Search Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for your company name, and your product and service keywords. Are people talking about you? If so, what are they saying? And if not, what can you do to get more traction and more engagement on social?

#3: Don’t Forget Video

As you investigate your current marketing performance, take a closer look at your video marketing strategy. Evaluate any YouTube content you’ve created. Search YouTube for your keywords and topics. Make sure you are showing up on top of search.

#4: Check Out Your Competitors

Now is a great time to learn what your competitors have been doing with their marketing strategy. Are they doing well on search, social, or video? Skim through their content and see what’s getting more engagement from your target audience. You can also ask your marketing team to do a side-by-side keyword audit. Those analytics will show exactly where your competitors are outpacing you, so you know how to catch up and get ahead.

#5: Get Inspired

Reading is always a productive use of time, but especially when you’re learning from leading innovators in the business and marketing world. Use the time indoors to read books, listen to audiobooks, or stream content online from entrepreneurs whose work inspires you. Not sure where to start? Pick up Blitz scaling for insights on how to fast-track your business for growth. Or check out Story brand for great ideas on how to shift your content marketing focus toward success.

#6: Consider Starting New Marketing Channels

COVID-19 means you may have some limits when it comes to reaching and working with your customers in the conventional way. But it could also present unique opportunities to connect with them using marketing channels you’ve not yet considered or invested time in. Can you put together an email newsletter, a podcast, or a video series? Think of ways you can check in with your customers, meet them where they are, and offer them valuable insights. Doing so maintains trusts and creates a sense of stability everyone can benefit from.

#7: Make a Plan to Take Over the World

Now that you’ve done some thorough research, you have the foundation of a strategy to grow your digital marketing (including paid and organic search, social media, video, and content). You can work with your teams to brainstorm the additional research, implementation, and evaluation you’ll need to get it done. There is always something you can do to better serve your customers, and to give them valuable information. Using this time wisely will only help you as things shift toward a “new normal”


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