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Contractors: Increase Your Painting Sales through These Five Marketing Tactics

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Whether you’re the owner of a painting business, a partner in one, or a single-person operation, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about how to grow your business. It’s likely you also use too much of your time working on marketing efforts that sometimes pay off — and sometimes don’t.

Choosing your marketing tactics wisely can make your efforts more effective and increase the amount of business you do.

This article reveals the five most effective marketing strategies for painters and painting businesses based on our experience.

Marketing for Painters: The Basics

To optimize your marketing and grow your business, you must understand why clients choose you for their painting needs. What are their concerns, how do you meet them, and what makes your painting company attractive to them?

Start by:

  • Figuring out your “why.” If you aren’t sure why people should choose you instead of your competitors, neither will prospective clients.

  • Understanding your prospective customers. Develop buyer personas or profiles based on your best clients. Learn their motivations, fears, purchasing behaviors, and what makes them great to work with.

Once you know your company's value proposition and who you want to do business with, you’re ready to start marketing.

Top Strategies for Marketing Your Painting Company

1. Social Media Marketing

Many types of service businesses leverage social media to promote themselves. Painters have been a bit behind the curve. It’s time to catch up.

  • Leverage Instagram to demonstrate the quality of your work to people who love decorating and design.

  • Use YouTube to show off your team, expertise, and processes to help build trust.

  • Share content on Facebook that helps prospective clients select paint types, styles, and colors.

  • TikTok videos can be a great way to show your company's personality and reach a younger, highly-online demographic.

  • LinkedIn lets you target and interact with prospective corporate customers and partners.

Based on our experience, staying active on social media should be table stakes for marketing painting companies.

2. Blogging

Blogging is another essential way for painters to promote their businesses. It’s a great way to educate prospective customers on painting-related topics, demonstrate expertise, and gain their trust. Some topics you could write about include using the right primer, best painting techniques, common painting mistakes, and how to select colors.

If you’re uncomfortable writing, hire someone to do the work. Just ensure they leverage your ideas and tone of voice. It will help ensure that the content feels genuine and offers your unique perspective.

3. Google Ads

If people in your area search on Google for painting services, you must show up in the promoted results. Otherwise, it’s as if your business doesn’t exist. Google Ads is the surest way to do that.

Get started by signing into your Google business account and select Google Ads. It will take you to an interface that will ask you the purpose of your campaign and for your business website address. Based on that, it will recommend search terms and ad copy elements. You can agree to its suggestions or override them with your own ideas.

Once you launch your campaign, Google Ads will provide you with analytics and recommendations on optimizing your ads. Over time, they could help you create and maintain a steady stream of new painting business.

4. Build Partnerships

Partnering with other local businesses can be a great way to find new clients. Look for companies that offer services that complement yours and could refer business to you – send clients their way in return. Good prospects for painters include decorators, designers, and contractors. They can refer clients to you who need painting services. You can send over customers to them who need help beyond painting.

You can take your partnerships to the next level by hosting or attending events together, like working at a designers’ showcase or doing rehabilitation projects for charity. This can be a great way to get media attention.

5. Referral Marketing

Do you have customers who are happy with your work? They likely have friends and family members who would also make great clients. When you’re done working for them, ask for referrals. Remember to consistently ask for client recommendations on social media, emails, and bills as well. It’s a free and easy way to generate new business.

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