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Converting Your Website’s Traffic into Leads

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Everyone using digital marketing wants to generate more traffic for their website. However, it’s important to remember that this shouldn’t be the ultimate goal. Traffic is good, essential even, but people clicking around your website isn’t what makes you money.

Your website earns you money by gaining traffic, and turning that traffic into leads – a term known as converting. Some websites convert better than others. So what are some tips to ensure your website is converting as well as possible?


1. Call To Action Above the Fold

You won’t convert your viewers if you’re not calling them to action. A CTA button above the fold on every page of your website is highly recommended and is a great way to convert traffic into leads. Examples of these buttons include “Get a Free Quote!” or “Click Here for a Free Estimate.” Remember: they should be highly visible and clear – your traffic shouldn’t have to work hard to start working with you.

2. Services in Top Navigation

You should include all of your offered services in your top navigation. For example, if you offer tree service and irrigation service, there should be buttons for both in your navigation, and these buttons should include good keywords if possible. Your offered services are a must for your navigation so if you run out of room in your navigation, consider moving items like “blog” into the “about us” section.

3. Add “Area(s) Served” to Your Header

Although most of the users on your site will know that they are in the right place, including the areas you serve in a easy-to-see space like the header adds a reassuring visual – especially for those users who aren’t sure if they’re in the right place. A great place to include this information in the header is in the top left corner, maybe next to your logo. This is a natural place people look when they want to make sure they are on the right site.

4. Add Your Phone Number to Your Header

Traffic converts into leads when contact is made. Therefore, you want to make it as easy as possible for your traffic to contact you. Including your phone number in your header is a great way to make your contact information easy to find. This doesn’t just apply to your homepage, rather, your phone number should be in the header of every page on your site. It’s even better if your phone number is clickable, since half of your traffic will be coming from mobile users.

5. Footer

Similar to tip #3, including the full street address in your footer is a good reminder to users who make it to the footer that they are in the right place and dealing with someone local. There should also be a phone number and a free quote button in your footer. Remember, converting is all about making it easy for your users to contact you!

6. Homepage Call to Action

Consider including a call to action like “Get a Free Estimate” on your homepage. This will remove a click that a user has to make to become a lead.

7. Make it Mobile Friendly

Half of your website’s traffic will come from users on mobile devices. This is especially important to remember when designing your website. Why? Because often we only think about the desktop user experience since we are designing the site on a desktop device. However, it’s crucial to make your website mobile friendly to convert as much traffic as possible.

8. Testimonials

Hearing good feedback from real customers is reassuring to your potential customers, and using these testimonials is key in converting traffic into leads. Consider using large type in a full width block for the testimonials on your homepage. It would be even better to include an image of the customer if they would allow it!


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