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Cost Effective Ideas for Getting Started with SEO

posted by Michael Epps Utley Michael Epps Utley
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Here at GoEpps, we are SEO experts with a knack for cost-saving techniques. In recent blog posts we’ve covered topics such as popular keywords and valuable content. Now that we’ve established that good SEO is valuable, let’s explore the cost effective ways to get started. Unfortunately, a lot of people have the misconceived idea that they will need to spend a lot of money to achieve good SEO. This is simply not true.

If you’re creative about how you approach the process, a lot of work can be done at a very low cost.

Here are some practical tips for cost effective ways to get started with SEO:

  1. Hire an administrative person/intern.
    Your brand should invest in an individual who is self-motivated and trust-worthy. This person can go through the process of finding keywords and then list them for future use in a Google Document.
  2. Decide which pages deserve the most traffic.
    Make a list of these pages and start to understand where specific traffic is going. Do you want traffic going to product pages, article pages, or contact pages? This needs to be decided and actions need to be taken to direct traffic. Again, this can take place on the Google Doc. Establishing a hub for information allows you to keep control while allowing other individuals to contribute.
  3. Designate quick implementation of changes in the Content Management System.
    The list of edits and processes can again be outlined in the Google Doc. Specific individuals can log into the site to make changes to the CMS and present you with the before and after screenshots of the site. This practice prevents too many people from making big decisions and keeps you from having to do each and every detail.

These simple tools are proven to work and to be cost effective. It’s a low cost as compared to hiring a consultant, while also low risk as you’re able to keep control. At GoEpps, we implement these practices with our own brands. By creating detailed instructions and delegating them to competent personnel, you’ll be able to focus on quality SEO in a cost effective manner.

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