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How to Create a Complete Online Presence for Your Brand

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Creating an online presence for your brand is becoming a bigger task every year. With the growth of the internet and social media, learning where to establish your brand online deserves a lot of thought. The first step is knowing who you are and what you want to convey to your audience. A company who makes products may need a different online presence than a company that provides services. One who sells products business to business will look different than one who sells directly to a consumer. A digital marketing agency can help you develop your brand and find the best ways to create a complete online presence with a digital marketing plan.

Here are a few tips from GoEpps to help you get started on shaping your brand’s online identity:

Tips to Increase Your Brand’s Online Presence

Create a mobile-friendly website

Today, 60% of all online traffic is from a mobile device. That means more than half of the people who want to view your product or learn about your service or company are doing so from a smartphone or tablet. Whether you are selling directly to a consumer or business to business, there is no excuse for not having a mobile friendly website. You will not find an exception to this rule.

Email is still a must, and it should be mobile-friendly

Email is the original social media platform. People who own smartphones are most likely to read emails first on their phones. 74% of people who own smartphones read their emails on this mobile device. Even more convincing, by the end of 2018, 80% of email users are expected to be reading their emails on a mobile device. Email usage is still growing and you need to be sure that your business is ahead of the trend.

Simple, branded email should be a priority in your online marketing plan. Email is an important and easy way to stay in touch with your audience, especially those who are checking email from their smartphones on a regular basis.

Claim your maps listings for stronger SEO

It is critical that you claim your map profile in maps applications such as Google Maps so that search engines will associate your business with places data. Potential customers will be able to find you in maps directories or on the web when you claim your location and include your full site URL in your maps listing.

Don’t ignore video services

More than half of YouTube views come from people who are viewing videos on mobile devices and these viewers are staying on YouTube for an average of 40 minutes per session.

As of 2015, 72% of business to business marketers were using YouTube to distribute content but only 9% of small businesses have a presence on YouTube.

Your audience is likely already using YouTube, so it is necessary for your business to have a strong presence on the second largest search engine.

You don’t need to be on every social media outlet

There are too many social media outlets for your business to be able to maintain a strong presence on each and every one of them. Let’s take a look at your social media options.

  • Facebook is a must for any business. There are more than 50 million small and medium businesses who have a Facebook page. Make it one more by creating your business’ Facebook page as soon as possible. Just like having a mobile friendly website, there is no exception to this rule.
  • LinkedIn is vital for the B2B market. Include all of your published content on your LinkedIn page.
  • Twitter is critical for a company to stay in front of an audience with product and service updates as well as how they intersect with the culture.
  • Pinterest and Instagram are for companies and brands that are strongly centered around a particular aesthetic, such as housewares, entertainment, or products. These highly visual channels are great to showcase your brand.

We hope these simple guidelines help your business understand how important it is to nurture your online presence.


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