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Easily Improve your Business’s Handling of Phone Leads

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In order to improve your business’s handling of phone leads, it is vital that your employees understand that every call has value. Whether that call leads to a direct sale or not, the caller will get an impression of your business based on this small interaction.

That leaves a lot in your hands. If this interaction is positive, they will likely spread the word to other potential customers. Although the internet and social media can be incredibly helpful to your business, there is nothing more valuable than getting one on one time with potential customers.

Here are a few ways to improve your business’s handling of phone leads.

Ways to Improve Phone Leads

  • Measure:
    How can you assign a dollar value to a phone call? Measure the average amount of money spent by a customer based on calls. This may take a month or two to gather this data, but it will encourage your employees to take these calls more seriously.
  • Options:
    Who is taking these calls? Depending on the size of your business, you have the option of using an outside call center. You must understand the strengths and weaknesses of both in-house and outside call center options.
    While an outside call center may be available 24/7, they could be limited in their knowledge of your business as well as their capability to make progress with the customer. If you are answering leads in house, the calls seem more personal.
    Don’t be afraid to ask the caller what compelled them to make the call. Did they find your information through your online advertising or word of mouth? When answering phone calls in house, you can get immediate feedback.
  • Accountability:
    A phone number provided by a 3rd party will allow your business to record phone calls. This can be a great opportunity to train your employees on the best ways to handle all types of calls. If you are using an outside call center, they will be held accountable for the way they treat your customers, since calls are usually recorded.

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