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Five Social Media Tips for Lead Generation

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In today’s market, your business absolutely needs to have a social media presence. These channels are crucial for the overall success of your brand; however, social media sites don’t generally drive new sales leads. It’s really difficult to use social media to push something new in front of people who aren’t really looking for something new.

So how can you use social media to generate more sales leads?

  1. Provide Valuable Content:
    Create something tangible and shareable that people can access when they become a sales lead. For example, create an eBook download on tips and ideas for growing business in the local market and share it with customers. Create something that is valuable for your target market, and offer access when they become a lead.

  2. Maintain Connections:
    Continue to stay in touch with people who have been leads in the past. Focus on the five main social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Have a presence on each of these sites and update your circles with announcements and events. Push these channels to follow through to your newsletter, and maintain these existing connections for as long as possible.

  3. Links, Links, Links:
    Social media channels can be a good way to build search engine links to your lead generating pages. Secondary social media sites (Tumblr, Google Plus, Flickr) are great places to publish your regular blog posts, offers and new product announcements. You can also link social media sites back to your lead generating pages. This shows search engines that those pages have value.

  4. Moderate Channels:
    Sometimes criticism comes in from social media channels and it could be easy to ignore. However, these types of comments are really just coming from potential customers who want to know that they will be heard. It’s important to moderate your social media channels and respond to commenters – positive, neutral and negative.

  5. Be Available:
    A long time ago, businesses wanted to create websites so that it would limit their contact with customers. This is a dated mindset. With social media, potential customers expect to be able to communicate with your business with minimal wait time. Make sure that you publish your contact information and remember that social media should make you more available, not less available.

At GoEpps, we are in the business of generating qualified sales leads, and we understand the importance of social media. Social media can be a great asset for lead generation, as long as you use it carefully and intentionally. By allowing potential customers more access to your brand, you can positively affect their interest.

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