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GoEpps Catalog in a Digital Age

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Recently, GoEpps decided to do something a little unexpected for an online marketing firm: we printed a 20 page full color catalog in conjunction with launching our new website. At this point, you’re probably asking yourself why an online marketing company would use a print catalog.

That’s a great question. While we firmly believe in digital marketing services, we also believe in building relationships. Our catalog is a tangible portfolio of our work and list of services that we feel truly shows who we are and how we are set apart.

Rather than simply making a phone call or writing an email, we hand-deliver a catalog to a potential customer or business partner. We have a chance to shake hands, talk a little business, and start building a relationship. From there, the potential client can view our services, such as SEO and Digital Content Creation, among others. After a quick meeting and viewing the catalog, they can see more of our work online.

The catalog has proved to be a great conversation-starter with potential clients and partners, and we hope it will lead to great relationships with GoEpps. Online marketing tools are here to stay. The value added to your business when you use services like Local SEO and Content Creation are huge. But businesses are run by people. Walking into an office and handing them a catalog is a great way to get to know people in a time when most of our lives are spent online.

To learn more about GoEpps and the ways we can work together, contact us for a meeting or for a copy of our new catalog.

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