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GoEpps Joins the Culture of Creativity at Marathon Village

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Since our recent move to the new office in Marathon Village, GoEpps is excited to bring our performance marketing expertise into a vibrant atmosphere of collaboration and innovation. We’re in this historic space with many companies whose vision of their work and their service to clients is always evolving and adapting.


We want to spotlight a few companies whose work we admire. GoEpps is proud to add to the culture of creativity at Marathon Village along with:

  • Fast Iron : Blending creativity with technology to help keep construction equipment and machinery up and running, “Fast Iron focuses on connecting, informing and serving our partners through technologies that assess, support and maximize your machines’ output and lifespan.”
  • Lightning 100 : Lightning 100, Nashville’s independent radio mainstay, makes their home and records their programming live daily from their studio in Marathon Village.
  • Urban Green Lab : The committed crew at Urban Green Lab is always working to make homes, workplaces, and classrooms’ practices greener and more sustainable.
  • ROAR : ROAR is a global entertainment agency that represents “actors, writers, directors and musicians, helping them to achieve their artistic and commercial goals.” ROAR also develops and produces films, television shows, and a range of digital content.
  • Kellygirl Video : Kellygirl Video (KGV Studios) is “an award-winning video production company and animation company in Nashville, TN. We create brand-building videos with the mission of turning viewers into customers for our clients. Whether it’s a recruiting video, a product demonstration, or a tv commercial–at the end of the day it’s about getting the viewer to DO something. It’s about results. That’s what we deliver.”


GoEpps is looking forward to building relationships, collaborating, and networking with the many unique companies that share the one-of-a-kind space at Marathon Village with us. If you’d like to be featured on a company spotlight, drop our team a line, or stop by our office and say hello. We look forward to meeting you!

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