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How to Develop a Website That Actually Generates Leads

posted by Michael Epps Utley Michael Epps Utley
How to Develop a Website that Actually Generates Leads

Would you like to generate more leads through your website? Who wouldn’t?

This guide reveals our top tips for optimizing a website for more, higher-quality leads.

What Is Lead Generation?

The lead generation process gets website visitors to click on a call-to-action (CTA), whether a text link or a button. The CTA takes them to a landing page, which includes a form used to collect the visitor's contact information.

Once the visitor completes and submits the form, the information is transmitted to the appropriate people, usually sales reps. Visitors are typically taken to a thank-you page expressing appreciation and may include additional information or offers.

Creating a Lead Generation Website

Here are the steps to creating an effective lead generation website.

1. Set a Goal

Before you build your lead generation website, figure out what your goal for it is. Think about how many leads you want to generate in a given time and what you’ll need to do to get visitors to take action.

  • Do you want to educate the buyer on your products or services?

  • Maybe you have to demonstrate the value of what you do.

  • Perhaps you will ask people to download an ebook to collect their contact information.

The better defined your goals and tactics are, the clearer your site will be.

2. Choose a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

Look for a CRM that makes it easy to connect with your website and capture and convert leads.

The ideal CRM for lead generation is specifically designed for this purpose (i.e., lead gen is the main function, not just an added feature). It should come with different types of forms, automated email marketing capabilities, live chat, and built-in analytics that make it easy to figure out whether your lead generation efforts are working.

3. Build a Landing Page.

Your CRM tool should make it relatively fast and straightforward to develop and optimize a landing page that converts. The page should include:

  • A compelling headline

  • Enough copy and other communication to tell your story and get visitors to take action

  • Bullet points that outline key points and make them easy to scan and comprehend

  • A clear call-to-action button

Now, you’re ready to start generating leads on your website.

How to Increase Website Leads

Here are some simple ways to optimize your lead generation pages.

Add Forms to Web Pages That Get the Most Traffic

You may not necessarily need to create new lead generation pages. You may already have some on your website. Some existing pages might make excellent lead generators.

Start by figuring out which existing pages get the most traffic and people spend the most time on. They’re popular because they give people information they want or need. It probably makes sense to include a CTA or form that allows people to share their data to learn more. Not having these things on popular pages is a common website mistake but one that’s easy to remedy.

Measure the Performance of Every Lead Generator

Monitor how each of your lead generators is performing using a tool like Website Grader. It evaluates your lead gen sources, including landing pages and CTAs, and offers insights on improving them.

You can also compare assets that are doing well with those that aren’t so you can make the most of what’s working and improve what isn’t.

Align Your Offers and CTAs

Double-check that your offers always connect with the content on the page they appear on.

For instance, it doesn’t make sense to ask visitors to request information about a free allergy evaluation on a blog post about the value of chiropractic services. It’s easy for offers or calls to action to become misaligned over time when changes are made. It’s worth auditing your site regularly to ensure offers and CTAs align with the content they appear near.

Optimize CTAs

Use clear, strong, and compelling calls to action (this article explains how). Use buttons rather than text links whenever possible to make them more visible. Select colors for the buttons that contrast with those on your site so they stand out. Also, don’t limit yourself to a single button. Ensure one is always accessible so people who want to take action don’t have to hunt.

Offer eBook Downloads on Related Blog Posts

A non-invasive way to increase leads is to create blog content that generates interest in an ebook or whitepaper. Many people are willing to share contact info to learn more about a subject they care about.

Ideally, the information should link to your products and services and indicate interest in a sale. For instance, a blog checklist about the benefits of plastic surgery related to an ebook about the topic could show that a lead may be interested in being contacted about plastic surgery.

Add Live Chat to Your Website

Many people today prefer to communicate with companies via chat rather than over the phone (too invasive) or through email (not timely enough.)

Chat often warms up website visitors, making them more willing to share personal contact info to continue the conversation started in chat. If you don’t have chat on your site, you could be missing out on a lot of leads. The advent of AI chatbots is making live chat features more accessible, effective, and valuable.

Test Different Offers and CTAs

Even when you have a winning lead generation device, you never know if you have the ultimate winner. It’s a smart idea to conduct ongoing A/B testing. Always make a point to drive a portion of your website traffic to alternate CTAs and offers. You will maintain a consistent flow of leads while always exploring the possibility of an even better stream.

Leverage all the tips in this article to optimize your lead generation pages. Need expert help building a conversion-oriented website? We’re great at this and would love to get you a great website, reach out to us!

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