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Maximize Your Brand's Reach by Leveraging These LinkedIn Tactics and Tools

posted by Michael Epps Utley Michael Epps Utley
How to Max Out Your Use of Linked In

Who could have guessed it? LinkedIn, a moribund social media platform just a few years ago, started 2024 with more than one billion users.

The extraordinary number of people on the platform has made many businesses reconsider their use of it for marketing.

This guide explains proven ways to max out your company’s use of LinkedIn.

Revisit a Forgotten LinkedIn Feature

A long-time, little-used feature on LinkedIn, Showcase pages, could be worth another look.

If you have a Company Page, you can create Showcase pages for your brand. Think of them as microsites associated with the main page. On Showcase pages, you can do almost everything you can on a regular company page. The difference is that you can post more niche or targeted content that may not be suitable for your main company page. For instance, the pages could be effective for your company’s different departments, customer segments, or locations.

A Showcase page looks similar to a Company Page with a header image, business name, and description. Visitors can scroll it to see posts. Showcase pages have potential if your business is multifaceted, offers many types of products and services, or serves different kinds of customers with unique needs.

Recognize Your “Best” on LinkedIn

People love recognition in a professional setting, and LinkedIn is a major one. Use this popular platform to award and recognize your top clients, best employees, most engaged LinkedIn followers, and others. The people and companies cited will appreciate the extra attention. Not only that, they’ll likely share your posts with those in their networks, earning additional exposure for your business to fresh audiences.

Pro tip: Develop a unique brand extension or theme for your Linkedin awards. Presenting them as a series will make people more likely to look out for them.

Invest in Long-Form Content

Short articles are valuable for quick updates or brief insights. However, long-form content on LinkedIn tends to earn deeper engagement and more meaningful interactions. That’s because most people on LinkedIn have solid foundational knowledge related to their jobs and industries. They’re seeking deeper or more novel insights, and it typically takes 1,000 words or more to deliver them meaningfully. This format helps build credibility and showcase expertise, which is critical to convincing people to do business with you.

If you already have a blog on your website, you can repurpose this existing content by posting it directly on your LinkedIn feed. Or, if you write content directly for LinkedIn, you can always recycle that content on your website’s blog. Either way, make sure to get your content out there if it provides value to your audience.

Host Events

Leverage the events tab on your Company Page to host webinars and other interactive experiences. It’s a great way to connect with people who aren’t readers and appreciate networking with others. It’s also a terrific way to demonstrate the expertise of your team in real-time.

Use LinkedIn as a Digital Storefront

Most companies don’t think of LinkedIn as a place to sell. They view it as a platform for hiring, sharing information, and generating leads.

The truth: Many businesses also feature products and services in their LinkedIn posts. Placing them on a LinkedIn feed alongside informative content and client testimonials can efficiently drive new business. Why force people to go to a website to find out about the goods and services you offer when you can generate interest right on the LinkedIn platform?

Publish Newsletters

Since 2022, LinkedIn has allowed companies to create and send newsletters on the platform. If you already have an email company newsletter, it only makes sense to make it available to people on LinkedIn. Many companies on the social hub find a higher engagement with newsletter content than posted content.

Leverage Sales Navigator AccountIQ

Among the most powerful features of LinkedIn’s premium Sales Navigator is its AccountIQ feature. It’s available to users who pay for advanced-level access. The AI-powered tool provides an overview of a company along with a financial report, strategic priorities, business challenges, and ongoing company updates. The profiling can help B2B companies better target and message the firms they want to do business with. Plus, it allows you to find the decision-makers who want to buy what you sell.

Stick to Your Brand

On a business-focused platform like LinkedIn, it’s easy for messaging to slip into a formal corporate tone. It’s a sure way to turn people off. Always stick to your brand guidelines on LinkedIn, as you would on any other social platform or website. This will help deliver a more unified experience as consumers move through your sales and marketing experience.

Getting the Most out of LinkedIn: The Final Word

LinkedIn can serve many purposes in your marketing program: publisher, promoter, distributor, engager, seller, and locator. Leverage the tactics in this guide to engage with LinkedIn’s one billion users as effectively as possible.

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