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Meet the GoEpps Team: Kailyn Liebetreu

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Kailyn Liebetreu is the newest member of the GoEpps team. We talked with her about her life, her love of marketing, and what she enjoys in life and work.

What Did You Enjoy Doing Growing Up?

I grew up in Grand Haven, a little beach town on the shores of Lake Michigan. I grew up going to the beach a lot and spending a ton of time on the water. I spent winters skiing with my family. I try to get back home a few times a year at least.

What Brought You to Nashville?

I’ve been in Nashville for 7 and a half years, and got my marketing degree from Lipscomb University.

The first time that I came to Nashville was on a mission trip in high school to respond to the 2010 flood damage. I was really drawn to Nashville then. When I was choosing my college, I knew I wanted to go to a Christian school. By that time, I had visited Nashville again and had really fallen in love with the city, so Lipscomb was a great fit!

What Is the Most “Nashville” Thing You Do?

One of my favorite parts about Nashville is the music scene. Before COVID-19, there were times when I went to 6 concerts in a week. I’ve been to multiple CMA, CMT, and Dove awards as a volunteer seat-filler; it’s such a unique experience brushing shoulders with the stars. I love going to all the different coffee shops around town to meet friends and get work done. I’m a huge foodie, so the constant new restaurants popping up make that an exciting part of living in Nashville.

What Are Some of Your Passions? What Brings You Joy?

I love traveling. I was able to spend a whole semester in Santiago, Chile, during my time at Lipscomb, where we learned about the culture and language and traveled the country (including Patagonia)! I also spent a month in Florence, Italy, taking business classes and learning how the country does business. It was pretty cool living in a 500-year-old villa in Tuscany, and the food was amazing. Those experiences fueled my love of traveling and nature, and I can’t wait to travel more.

Another of my passions is photography. I got my first camera when I was 10, and I instantly fell in love with it. I’ve taken travel photos and done wedding and family photography, and I’m excited to see how I can bring my love for photography into my work at GoEpps.

How Did You Find Your Way into Online Marketing?

I’m not the only one in my family with a marketing background. My parents and brother are also in marketing. You’ve probably never met a family as interested in commercials as we are! I think my family’s interest really set me on that path.

I love the opportunity to use creativity in marketing, to use interesting visuals to capture people’s attention in a creative way, which is why I double-majored in Graphic Design. So, at GoEpps, my work is a melting pot of graphic design and content marketing.

What Makes the GoEpps Team Unique?

When I first met the team at GoEpps, I noticed right away the passion behind the work GoEpps does. Everyone is really excited about what they’re doing and really passionate about the quality of work we deliver to clients.

I love the balance between work and life. I can give 100% at work but still see my family and continue nurturing my passion for travel and exploration. Our work is very much guided by a team mindset, and we’re always finding ways to make that bond stronger. I can tell that GoEpps wants to invest in our personal growth. They’re always pushing us to grow as people and as staff members. I’m excited to see what we will accomplish as a team this year and beyond.

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