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Raise Technical Standards in 3 Areas for More Website Conversions

posted by Michael Epps Utley Michael Epps Utley
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You want more leads and more customers. Website conversion data are a clue to your success. But websites that convert are more than solid content and a great product. Technical savvy can make the difference between getting more conversions and making no impact.

We recommend raising technical standards in 3 key areas to improve conversion rates for stronger online marketing results.



Website design impacts conversions because it defines how users see your website. Good design encourages visitors to take action by clicking on pages, buttons, and links placed strategically throughout your site.

Consider these elements when designing a website that converts:

  • Make sure your logo is prominent. We suggest placing it in the header, so it’s visible on every page.
  • Don’t overcrowd your top navigation menu. Try keeping it on one level. Use drop-down only when necessary, and limit the length of your drop-down menus.
  • Place a call-to-action element in the top right, along with action oriented copy. Don’t just tell them to call now. Include a phone number they can click to call.
  • When designing a footer, try a 3 +1 format. That’s three columns for important links, contact information, and a logo with a blurb about your company, plus one row for your copyright statement. This gives people simple ways to interact with your site after they’ve scrolled down.
  • Just like with your top navigation, keeping it simple is the name of the game.

These design fixes may be implemented without significant site overhaul, depending on your platform and your existing settings.


Hosting can have an effect on your conversions, for better or worse. The slower your hosting, the less likely your site visitors will stick around. We suggest distinct, client-controlled accounts when hosting multiple sites. You don’t want to be in a situation where you don’t have the agency to make the changes that are best for your site performance.

We’ve found the following platforms offer fast website hosting for our clients:

  • Media Temple
  • ArcusTech
  • Fortrabbit
  • Hyperlane

You can avoid site interruptions, too. Just be sure both your domain and hosting are set to auto-renew (and keep your payment information up-to-date). Any site downtime means your conversion rates take a big hit.


It’s hard to overstate the importance of mobile-friendly websites. The easiest way to see how your website looks and feels for mobile users it to access it on your own mobile device. When you do, be sure you can complete the following tasks:

  • Scroll through your website
  • See images and read text clearly
  • Click buttons and links
  • Use any click-to-call numbers

How well you can take action on your site gives you a clue how much effort your site visitors have to put into your website to make it work for them.

Don’t be daunted wondering where to start on improving your website. Investing time and resources to make these fixes means more possibilities for leads and customers, starting with more website conversions.

We can help you assess where your website needs improvement, and make custom recommendations for more conversions. Drop us a line today and gain new insights on your website performance.

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