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Re-Thinking the Marketing Team

posted by Michael Epps Utley Michael Epps Utley
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While some office environment look like fun, it begs the question of whether overly fun is the best way things can be done. A new approach to marketing is forming a team that puts performance first.

  1. Structured for the new economy:
    We, for example, hire people who have a proven track record of producing results. We celebrate hitting client goals more than we celebrate winning a contract.
  2. Google is an amazing place:
    But you don’t have to have a coffee bar to be an innovative company, and you don’t have to have a spaceship to have a great team culture. Without the extra features, we focus our resources on more valuable qualities.
  3. People have a desire to be needed and appreciated:
    It’s trendy to provide a creative team with lots of perks, like gym memberships and extra PTO. But on a very basic human level, it’s far more rewarding to be recognized for the outstanding work you’re producing than to get a sheet cake on your birthday. (In fact, we go further by having no required office hours.)
  4. True Community is better than a Team:
    The new approach to marketing acknowledges that its people need to keep growing. To keep people pacified with office perks doesn’t foster an environment where members are actively seeking to better the community at large. Investing in people and continually training them to succeed is what instills a sense of ownership throughout the entire company community.
  5. Substance trumps style:
    The goal of any agency should be to generate shared success among everyone. It’s about gaining results and acknowledging performance. It’s not about Battle of the Bands competitions. Creating a company culture in addition to shared success is a bonus, not a goal.

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