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SEO Tactics & Priorities for 2019: Part One: Content

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Content is everything when it comes to digital marketing. Your words, your images, your interactions with customers. . . if it can be captured, created, shared, or clicked, it’s content, and it can bring marketing ROI.

Here’s how to be sure you’re set up for content marketing success in 2019 and beyond.


Craft Customer-Centered Content

It’s no secret that creating valuable content gets you better ranking on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) than filling your site with boring paragraphs full of generic keywords. But what’s valuable content?

That’s a question your target customers should answer: let them tell you what they’re looking for through keyword research and analysis relevant to your field or industry. We’ve noticed that customers tend to prefer informative content about products and services (versus philosophical, thought-leadership type posts). So how do you keep the customer at the center of product/service-focused content?

  • Show them how you are helping them solve a problem (rather than just explaining what your product is or what you do)
    • For example: Share images of a sparkling clean home in your blog about house cleaning services to show how you help them achieve their goal: a clean house.
  • Give them step-by-step instructions and how-tos related to your products, services, or branding.
    • For example: How to Remove Stubborn Stains in 5 Simple Steps

Make sure your content is original, and that you update it consistently across social media platforms. Start with a few times a month, and create more content as your business grows. When drafting long-form content like blogs, web pages, and PDF downloads, aim for 500-1200 words of content. Be sure to proof your content before sharing, as spelling and grammar mistakes can cost you leads.

Use Appealing Visuals

Images tell a powerful story in a fraction of the time it takes someone to read a blog or white paper. Of course, you still need long-form content, but integrating visuals is essential for making an impact faster. This includes:

  • High-quality photos, using originals whenever possible
  • Short videos to demonstrate a product or tell a story about your brand and the services you provide. Need ideas? Look to popular video messaging features for inspiration.
  • Include image descriptions (alt text). They help search engines read images, and help people with visual disabilities who use screen readers better engage with your content.
  • Don’t forget to use keywords in your image file names, too.

Beautiful images correctly optimized make your content stand out, both to search engines and site visitors.

Get and Share Reviews

Reviews are one of the most compelling ways to use and share content that’s proven to get referrals and leads. If you haven’t already, be sure to claim your Google My Business listing and update it with all the information customers need to call you, plan a visit, or make an appointment.

You can send an automated email suggesting customers leave reviews, not to mention keeping an eye on customer feedback via your website and social media. Make sure your best reviews are displayed prominently on your web pages.

No matter where you are in your content strategy, telling a great story, using striking visuals, and getting feedback from happy customers will get you far.

If you need expert guidance to take your content marketing to the next level, GoEpps is here to help. We can build your keyword strategy, plan and write content, and track the success of your campaigns. Contact us today and stop stressing about your content for good.

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