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Should You Expect to Gain Truly Qualified Marketing Leads from Your Website?

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With all the emphasis online marketing gets these days, it’s easy to be skeptical. You’re probably wondering: can I really get qualified marketing leads from my website, or is this a waste of time?

The short answer is yes. Your website can be a great lead generation source with the right tools and techniques in place. But you need to have real knowledge of what is and isn’t an effective way to get more leads. Otherwise you just end up losing time and money without getting results.


Start Small

Don’t hate the day of small beginnings. Begin your website optimization strategy with simple steps you can implement readily. What you can do may vary based on your time, your budget, and your team’s ability to take on additional projects. But any insights you can gain into website performance will mean a smarter lead generation strategy that gets you a better return on investment.

You don’t have to improve every area of website performance immediately. And you don’t have to spend time on every online marketing channel or platform right away. Start with your current efforts and identify their strengths and problem areas before adding new initiatives, additional software, or new platforms to manage.

Measure and Adjust

When using a website for lead generation, feelings aren’t enough. You need to know what’s working, and what isn’t. Measure your leads by source so you can understand where leads are coming from. When you know how people found your site, and where they spent time on your website, you can do more of what works.

“Online” is too broad a term when it comes to classifying and tracking leads. You need a deep enough understanding of digital marketing and SEO tactics to know which online marketing method is getting more traffic to your website, and how qualified those leads are.

Use Available Tools

You don’t have to be a marketing expert to start improving your lead strategy. Your website itself, and many other tools, are available to work with you to meet your marketing goals.

  • You can use Google Analytics to track form completion on your website.
  • You can integrate phone tracking into your website, your Google My Business listing, your Facebook page, and more. This will allow you to accurately track leads by source so you can identify your strengths, and determine what needs work.
  • Your website platform or content management system (CMS) likely has built-in analytics, or available plugins, that make it easier to monitor website performance and track lead development as people move through your website, or return for another visit.

Any effort you make to obtain, monitor, and react to your website data and analytics is going to improve the ROI for your digital marketing efforts. Explore what’s available, do what you can, and adapt your online experience for greater activity and engagement.

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