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Strengthen Your Marketing Messages With Simpler Language

posted by Michael Epps Utley Michael Epps Utley
Strengthen Your Marketing Messages With Simpler Language

In most situations, the value of using simple and clear language in marketing is obvious. However, technical industries like medicine challenge this idea. In these instances, you might wonder:

  • Shouldn’t we use the industry terms our consumers are used to?

  • Is basic language too simple for professionals and experts?

  • The people in our audience are used to peer-reviewed journals, not listicles.

Despite these concerns, clear and easy-to-understand content is necessary in all industries. For instance, in the healthcare sector, straightforward content can mean the difference between life and death for patients.

This article explains what you must know to create materials readers, viewers, and listeners will engage with.

Here are our top tips to ensure your content is understood by the people who engage with it.

Tips to Develop Clear Content

Use Bullet Points When Possible

Bullet points and numbered lists are more straightforward and easy to scan compared to paragraphs, especially on a smartphone. Bulleted information also increases information recall.

Write Headlines and Titles That Serve a Purpose

Blog headlines, video titles, and other headers should clearly convey what a piece is about and the benefits of engaging with it so people will be excited about consuming it. Strong headers also help Google and other search engines understand the purpose of the piece.

Use Warm Language

Simple words feel warmer, more conversational, and inviting than technical terms. If you’re unsure whether your audience will appreciate the tone and terms you’re using, test your content with a few representative consumers to see if they “get it.” If their eyes are glazing over, simplify and warm up your language further.

Make It About Your Reader, Listener, or Viewer

Develop materials that make it simple for people to see how the content relates to them. Use specific examples when possible. For example, a healthcare company should clearly connect how a drug helps relieve symptoms a patient is experiencing. This will boost engagement and uptake.

Eliminate Jargon

In many industries — healthcare is a prime example — the intended audience may be trained professionals like physicians. However, they often share marketing content with non-clinical staff. Removing jargon makes your content accessible to everyone. You can save the more technical stuff for research papers and specific content only shared with peers.

Use Active Voice When Possible

Active voice includes the reader in the action, which keeps them engaged. Passive voice tends to exclude them, giving readers a reason to check out.

Emphasize Key Points

Front-load essential facts to make sure consumers engage with them. Reserve nice-to-know information for later in the piece.

Develop Content for Mobile Readers First

Even the most seasoned professionals access a significant amount of information on smartphones. Knowing this, use easy-to-scan short paragraphs, bulleted lists, and supportive visuals.

Use Action-Inducing Words

What’s the use of developing engaging content if consumers don’t know how to take action on it? Craft clear, compelling calls-to-action in all of your marketing marketing content. Remember: Every piece of marketing content should lead to an action or offer of some kind.

Clear Content: The Bottom Line

No matter who is in your consumer base, they want content that’s:

  • Accessible and easy to understand

  • Jargon-free

  • Simple and straightforward

  • Easy to scan

  • Conversational, warm, and engaging

  • Easy to act on

If you’re not sure whether your materials meet the mark, test them with representative readers, listeners, and viewers to see how they respond.

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