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[Summer 2021 Update]: Where Digital Marketing Is Headed

posted by Michael Epps Utley Michael Epps Utley
Goepps marketing summer 2021 update where digital marketing is headed

Where is digital marketing headed? That’s not just a question for the end-of-the-year meeting anymore. Google Core Updates can roll out anytime. It’s important your search engine optimization (SEO) can keep up. Here are a few key insights we have used to help our brand and our clients stay ahead of the game.


“First Answer, Right Answer”

Content marketing and technical SEO are both critical. When it comes to search queries, Google and other search engines are looking to ensure that the first answer showing up for users is the right answer to their question. What does that mean for your SEO? Namely, your digital marketing must have two simultaneous approaches:

  • Become “Dr. Know”: Like the holographic answer-machine in Spielberg’s A.I., your content marketing strategy should be answer-oriented. Questions about your industry, your products, your services, and what it’s like to work with you: make it clear, and put it in prominent areas of your website.
  • Speed Up Your Pages: Pagespeed continues to be a leading ranking factor. If anything is impacting your page load speed, it could keep you from being the first answer, and that will hurt your engagement, even if your content is high-quality.

Along with detailed content delivered quickly, greater and greater relevance is essential to maintain credibility with both search engines and internet users.

Optimization Needs a Personal Touch

As more factors influence where your website lands on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), it’s getting harder to reverse-engineer content fixes and site architecture improvements. SEO tools are beneficial supports, but they can’t sustain a dynamic SEO strategy on their own. Even if SEO tools are designed to alert you to problems, those solutions must be implemented to have any positive impact on your site performance. Your sales and marketing teams need a partner experienced in understanding Google Core Updates, tracking analytics, and regularly implementing crucial changes.

Marketing Should Be Customizable

After recent months demanded adaptability in the workforce and the workflow, companies started to re-think their marketing approach, too. We created an a la carte marketing services model called DodgeballSEO to meet this demand, and our marketing experts predict this trend to continue to expand across the industry.

“Trimming the fat” to focus only on the marketing services you need more effectively streamlines service delivery and ROI, and you’re never locked into a format that doesn’t work for you. It’s a viable option to consider, particularly if you’re prioritizing budget but still want to scale your digital marketing and SEO so that it grows with your business.

Industry Knowledge Converts Traffic to Leads

Clients and customers are more interested in industry knowledge than ever. People with busy schedules want to research potential partners and purchases on their own time. Be sure your website puts your expertise front and center in the form of credentials, social proof, and resources created to empower customers.

If you’re looking to work with a professional digital marketing agency, don’t end the consultation without asking if they have SEO teams, copywriters, and editors with experience developing the content your customers need to make informed choices. You want to work with a team that can hit the ground running, especially as you’re competing to stay on top of search engine results in an ever-changing marketplace.

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