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The Power of Simple A/B Split Testing in Email

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Imagine that it’s time for you to send an email to your contacts list. Do you just come up with a smart idea and send it? This is one way to approach emailing your customers. However, there’s a better way to effectively reach your customers through email. At GoEpps, we like to harness the power of simple A/B split testing to help you hit your target when sending emails.

What is A/B Split Testing?

Simple A/B split testing for email communication is nothing new. First, we come up with a smart idea and send it to a few hundred contacts. Next, we come up with a slightly different version of the same email and send to another few hundred contacts. Finally, we simply see which one works better. This process gives us an optimal approach to emailing clients.

It Really Works!

We use A/B split testing with our clients. We had a recent campaign where we wanted to send an email to one of our client’s current customers. What we decided to do was to send a few hundred of one version and a few hundred of a second version. For the first version of the email:

  • 24 emails were read
  • 5 phone calls were made
  • 9.3% open rate
  • 25% actions per opens rate

For the second version of the email:

  • 31 emails were read
  • 4 phone calls were made
  • 11.83% open rate
  • 12.9% actions per opens rate

What does this tell us? Basically, the first email had stronger content worth reading for the customers while the second email had a better subject line.

Since the emails had the same overall approach, we were able to choose the better subject line and body to send to the entire list of 3,500 people. We learned which combination of elements was better at converting to sales.

What’s Next?

Simple A/B split testing is an easy way to make your email marketing smarter. If you’re not using this process for your email marketing, then it’s time to get started.

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