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How Your Website can Make a Great First Impression

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First impressions are obviously important when you’re meeting someone. But what about when your website “meets” a potential customer online?

In this post, we’ll reveal 6 ways your online presence can make good first impressions to search engine users. These are the things that searchers notice first. Performing these 6 SEO strategies well should increase traffic on your site – and business for you!


1. Above the Fold

First of all, you can make a great first impression with the space above the fold on your website. People love seeing that they’re in the right place – it’s comforting! Let people know that they’ve found what they’re searching for by clearly listing important information and logos above the fold on your website.

2. Social Media

Your social media channels will most likely show in a branded google search and people like seeing active social media. This means keeping your social media up to date with regular content, news, or updates about new content. Bonus tip: consistency across your social media channels is key to making a great first impression as it connote professionalism. This means using the same branded images and headers, logos, phrasing, titles, etc. on your social channels.

3. Sitelink Extensions

Does your number one organic search result have sitelink extensions? Expanded sitelinks give searchers more avenues into specific parts of your website. This makes people happy because they don’t have to dig as far to get to items such as contact info, specific products, or business hours. These sitelink extensions also take up more space on the first page of search result. This means pushing your competitors off the first page. We call this first page dominance.

4. Secondary Pages

Secondary pages that are related to your brand on the first page of search results will make a great impression. Examples of secondary pages include social media channels, youtube, and LinkedIn. Secondary pages related to your brand will also create first page dominance.

5. Findable

This is big. You must be findable in a branded search. This means that you need to show up in search engine results when someone is looking specifically for your company. This could be harder for companies with names that are broad or close to other companies’ names. If your brand name is not super unique, try thinking of some unique terms or keywords that people could use when they are searching specifically for you online.

6. Map Listing

Your map listing is super important! Today, one of the most popular ways to find a company online is by searching it in google maps. This is especially true for mobile users – which make up half of your website’s potential traffic. A map listing that makes a good impression will include a specific street address, hours of operation, url, phone number, and even pictures of the building. Remember, your map listing shows all of your Google reviews. Good reviews are IMPERATIVE to making a good first impression online!


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