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What is Marketing Automation?

posted by Michael Epps Utley Michael Epps Utley
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First, let’s answer the basic question of “What is marketing automation?” When executed correctly, marketing automation is the use of marketing software that, as the name implies, automates all of your marketing tasks.

This software, offered by companies like HubSpot in Nashville, TN, allows your marketing to be more personalized to your customer than other online marketing strategies. This marketing platform from HubSpot helps your company with Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Website, Lead Management, Landing Pages, Calls-to-Action, Email, Analytics, and Marketing Automation.

Let’s break down each of these just a little bit.

  • Blogging -
    When done well, blogging can be a tool for lead generation. HubSpot's Blog App will guide your content creation in a way that will help you rank higher on search engines, therefore allowing new leads to find you. Among other things, the blog app will help convert your readers and customize emails based on blog subscriptions.
  • SEO -
    Search Engine Optimization is key when you are trying to rank higher on search engines. Using priority keywords is the most important part of SEO. With this software platform, your keywords easily accessible.
  • Social Media -
    Social media can be a great tool for your business when it is used properly. HubSpot can connect your social media pages to your contacts, allowing more personal connections between you and your customers. You can easily see your ROI from social media because analytics and CRM are connected.
  • Website -
    Of course you need a website for your business. But you need your website to work for you, too. Your website needs to be easily converted to mobile viewing and optimized for search.
  • Lead Management -
    Marketing database will gather all of your contacts from each marketing outlet and organize them in one place allowing leads to be marketed to easily and efficiently.
  • Landing Pages -
    Most landing pages try to have something for everyone. With HubSpot's landing page app, your landing page can be customized to each lead. Your visitors will be more likely to stay on your website longer when the content is personalized towards their interests.
  • Calls to Action -
    Calls to Action, like landing pages, can be customized for each visitor in order to convert them to a lead more quickly. Data from the visitor, such as location, device used, and industry, among other things, allows a call to action to be customized.
  • Email -
    You have probably seen the pattern here, customizing your marketing to each customer. Email is no different. Because email will be working with other lead generation tools, you can attract new email subscribers then personalize emails for them, turning them into leads more quickly than you would with a generic mass email.
  • Analytics -
    Rather than having to gather all of your marketing data from across many sources, HubSpot's software gathers all of your data into one place allowing you to analyze it more easily. You can compare how each marketing channel is performing and make adjustments when necessary.
  • Marketing Automation -
    Marketing Automation is really the combination of all of the tools listed above. In order for your digital marketing strategy to be its most effective, all of your marketing channels have to work together.

Here in Nashville, TN, we at GoEpps work with partners like HubSpot in order to create the best marketing automation for your business.

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