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Why Some Leads are Better than Others

posted by Michael Epps Utley Michael Epps Utley
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Most “sales leads” are not very good.

Most leads sent to a sales floor are not from reliable sources. They are essentially data that is being passed around and then filtered through a sales team working on commission. Sales teams become jaded, because why call one more person whose information has been carelessly passed around and is probably no longer interested?

Qualified, Verified, Exclusive Leads are a different animal. What does that mean? These leads are the best possible Internet-generated leads that you could have. These leads are to be trusted and to be acted upon.

  • Exclusive:
    This means the lead has come in and has been generated exclusively for that specific campaign.

    This isn’t a lead that’s been sold or passed around. It hasn’t been over-exposed. It’s a single costumer who has expressed actual interest in a good or service.
  • Verified:
    This means that the lead is both, a) who they say they are, and b) interested in the product being sold.

    In confirming that a lead is verified, we acknowledge that the lead is currently interested in what you have to offer.
  • Qualified:
    This means the lead has been ranked for its probability of purchase, and can be scored to match with the appropriate salesperson.

    We score leads as they come in, and we qualify them so that the best leads are sent to the best salespeople. For example, a customer ‘ready to buy now’ is a better qualified lead.

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