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How Yelp Can Help, Not Hinder

posted by Michael Epps Utley Michael Epps Utley
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For over a decade, Yelp has been the mecca for reviews of local businesses. From sandwich shops to locksmiths to realty, Yelp is used to give others a look into their experiences at a business, good or bad. You might think that being active as a business owner on Yelp isn’t worth it, but this channel could make or break you!

With over 145 million unique monthly visitors and 121 million reviews, Yelp is not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, Google is required by Congress to show Yelp in their search results. Because of all this, local businesses far and wide should have an active Yelp strategy plan, and join the 2.8 million claimed businesses using Yelp to their advantage.

Utilizing Yelp comes down to some very simple points: ask for reviews from satisfied customers and stay active replying to reviews left on your page. Don’t be afraid to ask for reviews! While you cannot explicitly ask for a positive review, if you see that one of you customers or clients had a great experience, you can absolutely ask them to share on Yelp. Additionally, replying to both good and bad reviews will help your Yelp presence be taken seriously. People look beyond the star rating!

The best way to get started in Yelp is to download the app, check into businesses you visit, and leave reviews yourself! This will get you familiarized with the website as well as allow you to be on the customer side of it all. These will both come in handy when you make the switch to being active as a company.

For most, even thinking about being on Yelp is like trying to navigate uncharted waters. Take the leap and get in the boat. Need help? Check out our social media services…

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