Website Terms of Use

The terms of use of our services are:

Company Name: We are doing business as GoEpps, LLC.

Privacy Statement: We do not share personal information collected on this website. The contact form on this website simply sends an email to us.

Deliver/Shipping Policy: As a services business, we do not ship anything.

Pricing: Pricing is determined by the unique requirements of each project.

Cancel/Return Policy: We do not offer returns or refunds for work completed. Our agreements generally allow 30-day cancellation with payment of work completed to date.

Secure Checkout: We offer secure payment through Quickbooks invoicing and payment service. We do not offer secure payment processes on this domain.

Forms of Payment Accepted: We accept payment by check, Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover using the Quickbooks online invoicing and payments service. We do not accept online payment on this domain.


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